The End?

2010 marked the 10th anniversary of and the dream. Any hoopla? Nope. I couldn't even log onto the site to update anything until 2011 and now I see how much work there is to do in terms of an overhaul – hell, I don't even look like any of these pictures anymore! The year ended with me recycling the original dream... The remaining overrun of Peto-A-Go-Go CDs were sent off to a specialty recycling plant so that I didn't have to worry about storing them anymore. 8-10 years on and 3 cities since their production and there's only so many times I can send them out as holiday cards or ask if anyone needs one as a coaster. But hey, they provided some good times back in the day! And while I figure out what the "new" dream is and what this site is to become, feel free to wallow in some memories with me and those who had a part in this history of music.

best wishes,

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