Use the links below to access the lyrics to Peto-A-Go-Go songs, plus special insights to the inspirations behind the songs!

New Songs
Just One Night ©2008
Open Mind ©2006

The Songs of "Unreleased 1990-2005" ©2005
Fall On My Head
Now That You're Gone (Rock Remix)
I'm The Only One (Live)
I Can Feel You (Acoustic Remix)
What Have I Done To Deserve This?
100 x 8 x 2
I Will Let You Go
Let Me Out
You'll Never Know
With Your Love (Live)
Lead Me To Your World
Deep, Deep Water
This Is The Way

The Songs of "Sugarcoated" ©2002
I Can Feel You
(Can It Be) So Real
Phabulous Fred
In This Town
What Would You Do?

The Songs of "In My Place" ©2000
Now That You're Gone
Scout's Honor
Americana Hopeless
In My Place
If I Could Have You
Don't Take This Life For Granted


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